The McKnight Law Group

The McKnight Law Group is a modern litigation firm, representing individuals across Texas and Michigan. At the McKnight Law Group, we take pride in what we do, who we are, and forward-thinking legal advocacy. Our litigation team is led by experienced trial attorneys who always play to win.

The MLG Difference

Since its inception, the McKnight Law Group has been revolutionary in modernizing the practice of law by proudly embracing diversity, creativity, and innovation in the workplace. We do not follow the status quo; we challenge the status quo by using our legal knowledge, real-world experience, and reputation to make sure that our clients’ voices are heard.

We believe in maintaining a fresh and collaborative approach to the practice of law while being committed to professionalism, inside and outside of the courtroom. The foundation of our attorney-client relationship is honesty, transparency, and mutual respect. Our motto is excellence, and we strive to be excellent in everything we do. We are Modern Legal Gladiators.